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Designer/developer at Metafizzy

Alexandria, VA

Being creative and making things keeps me happy


Cascading grid layout library

Masonry in use


Filter & sort magical layouts

M 16
C 8
J 3
F 7
N 2
B 13
E 1
I 10
P 14
A 6
O 11
H 12
G 9
Q 4
D 5
L 15

Isotope in use


Touch, responsive, flickable galleries


Flickity in use


Gap-less, draggable layout library

Drag me

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Netflix Atlas


Flight wordmark

Flight framework wordmark

Flight wordmark

Flight logo

Macaw Swift

Macaw Swift. The muse may or may not be Taylor Swift.


Summingbird. ∑ is the symbol for sum. Spot it?

Hackweek 2013 Q2
Hackweek 2013 Q3
Twitter Geo globe
Consumer product womens shirt
Search & Relevance shirt
Search & Relevance
Consumer Product

Twitter company t-shirt. Utilizing the sublime icon design of Jeremy Reiss



Halftone & pixel portraits

These portraits are an ongoing project I've been working on for years. It’s inspired by (or a derivative of) Chuck Close.

I’m fascinated by how you can simplify an image and still make sense of it. Faces work best as our brains have special programming for facial recognition. Taking an image of someone, you can reduce it to a handful of shapes and colors and still recognize the person.

When you look up close, it’s a bunch of meaningless circles and squares. When you step back and view it all, you can’t help but see the person. Not just see them, but also notice details and imperfections. All from simplistic pieces. What’s really there?

The universe is like this at both ends of its scale. The space inside an atom is mostly nothing. The space in between stars is mostly nothing. But when you view these elementary pieces together, you see something interesting.

Photo by luke chan. Made with Breathing halftone. Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA. 2014.

Gavin pixelated

Photo by Troy Holden. Made with Close Pixelate. 2010.

Stanley pixelated

Photo by Troy Holden. Made with Close Pixelate. 2010.

Self portrait pixelated

Self portrait. 2015.


Drag, resize, collapse editor panels

nclud.com v3

Front-end development

2012 Year on Twitter

Front-end development



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    I don't know how to put this in words but this is me trying


Web presence


Please use GitHub issues for support for Masonry, Isotope, Flickity, or my other projects. Sorry, but I am not available for personal support.